Advantages of Composite Ventilation Fan

Specification of composite fan:

  • The highlight of composite fan is made from composite material, designed and optimized by modern CAD / CAM technology
  • Composite fan is a type of ventilation fan with high durability, creating wind with large capacity, wind flow up to ~ 78,000m3 / h. Highlights make popular composite fans a small noise that is capable of absorbing hot air vigorously by using heat-reducing plastic sheets.
  • Industrial fan made with composite fiberglass material is a high-end segmented product, light weight composite material, compressible, chemical resistant, sleek industrial fan with composite design , high level.
  • Closed and powerful electric motor, energy saving. Customers can choose the appropriate motor type.

Application of composite fan:

  • The fan is made of composite material capable of absorbing hot air and has the ability to cool, adding moisture to help improve the surrounding environment effectively.
  • Composite industrial fans are often used in most livestock farms, such as pig farms, chicken farms, or in areas with metal corrosion.
  • Easily installation on the wall, this type of fan is often used for ventilation in factories. Compostie fans can be used in cooling systems of factories by combining with Coolling Pad cooling plates, used to suck hot air inside the factory out, making the factory airy, making the air always fresh. , fresh.

Where you can buy composite fan:

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