The necessity of air ventilation systems

According to the statistics of the world, most of the green constructions today have designed necessary air ventilation systems for the industrial zones.

The the current constructions on the market are often very enclosed, the amount of air leaking outside is very low, thereby creating an urgent problem for the air ventilation system. Let’s analyze why this system is so necessary through the article below.

According to some studies, a high number of poorly designed or installed air ventilation systems will lead to conditions such as:

  • Exhaust fans carry low flows because the duct system is too complex, very long size, … this depends on the design calculations.
  • Air ventilation at high speed or being overloaded continuously for one day causes energy costs. With the air ventilation integrated with intelligent control, it will control the entire operation of the air ventilation system. But not all constructions can install this air ventilation system because of the high cost.
  • This air ventilation system wastes operating costs when you choose the unsuitable equipment

These always brings up a problem of how to design an effective air ventilation system without wasting energy.

Air ventilation systems designed according to ASHRAE standards will carry relatively low airflow. For example: A house with floor area of 3000 ft2 with 4 people will need 90CFM of air flow but with only 42.5 CFM standard. Therefore, the airflow is relatively small, so the air ventilation system is installed very tight, so if the pipe is not closed, it will not ensure the necessary air flow.

In addition, the type of building designed in the way of open architecture can give priority to using the natural air ventilation system. Because you can take advantage of the wind direction to design your home in the direction of the wind.  This can help you create a home skylight. This can bring a relatively efficient and energy efficient system.

In addition, industrial parks are concentrated with a large number of employees, so an air ventilation system is a necessity to create a favorable working environment, a fresh air environment for good productivity.

In short, depend on the architecture of the building you need to build and the different areas that you can ask the designer to create the best air ventilation plan and can choose the suitable design parameters. To be able to guarantee that you will not waste energy.

In most of industrial constructions today, the air ventilation system provides fresh air directly into the rear of the cooler. This is one of the options to provide fresh air in combination with the simplest air ventilation system. But this also contains the risks of moisture retention in fresh air ducts.

This is one of the options to reduce operating costs but with high investment costs because you need to use the heat recovery devices. This method, with relatively low initial costs but operating costs will be higher than other methods.

The initial investment cost will not depend on the time but the dependent operating cost will depend on the time. This means that with little use time, the non-economic heat recovery method will be equal to the non-heat recovery method.

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