Methods of designing an agricultural ventilation systems

Increase of climate pollution leads to a decline in agriculture, so how to save it?

  1. Why do you need to install agricultural ventilation systems to cool your farm as well as garden?
  2. The outstanding benefits after you install agricultural ventilation systems to cool farm

According to recent statistics of experts on ventilation system, the agricultural ventilation system is considered one of the highly-appreciated agricultural cooling systems which improve significantly pollution. Besides, this system also provides good temperature and ideal humidity for growth in the barns.

More particularly, agricultural ventilation systems also create a favorable conditions for animals to grow and develop dramatically. So why is agricultural ventilation system so effective? Read this article for more outstanding advantages as well as methods of designing agricultural ventilation systems in the most optimal and effective way.

1. So why do you should install agricultural ventilation systems to cool your farm and garden??

The own characteristics and properties of farms and agricultural gardens is to emit extremely large amounts of heat with a low humidity, especially, dirty waste and animal manure which is a favorable condition for growth of bacteria. Therefore, this is one of the main causes of many dangerous pathogens and diseases for cattle as well as appearance of pests in your garden.

Besides, on the hot days, the increasing temperature of weather influences growth of cattle. So, agricultural ventilation system is one of the factors you should invest in your farm and garden to cool and maintain ideal living conditions for animals and plants in your garden.

2. The outstanding benefits after you install agricultural ventilation systems to cool your farm:

  • Brings the best temperature and humidity to your health of animals: This ventilation system brings temperatures in range of 28 ± 3 oC and balances the humidity to a minimum of 60-65%. The air seems to be maintained stably, especially regardless of outside temperature.  
  • Create source of positive pressure: Agricultural ventilation system bring fresh and cooling air to farms. In addition, it exhausts the hot, dirt air and odors inside the farm. 
  • Provide fresh air with plenty of O2: Agricultural ventilation system cools by fan motors to absorb the natural hot air outside. It is rich in oxygen to blow inside and reduces the temperature to the lowest level so the air inside is completely good for health and growth
  • Save a lot of money: Save more 90% of power consumption and reduce 85% of investment costs than you invest in air conditioner
  • Can be installed in all spaces: For this system, you can install to create open or closed spaces without affecting the power consumption.  
  • Easy to clean periodically: After you complete installation, the owner of farm will be instructed by the contractors to clean the agricultural ventilation systems.

This is one of the benefits that agricultural ventilation system bring to your farm campus. More particularly, agricultural ventilation system bring a different atmosphere for cattle and greenery systems to be more fresh.

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