Industrial Composite Ventilation System with high performance and reliability

Premium Composite Ventilation Fan

Composite Ventilation System is established for high performance and reliability. This is a type of fan for industrial factories and poultry farms that meets the best value.

Product Information

The cast aluminum 3-blade airfoil-design propeller moves more air per Watt than stamped steel blades.
  The high airflow performance (CFM) reduces the total fan requirements and have certified CFM / Watt air performance ratings by Bess Lab (USA).
  The high efficiency inside the fan with capacitor-start / capacitor-run motors totally enclosed for protection from the environment.
  Exclusive motor / bearing supports are streamlined for minimal air resistance while providing solid 4-way support.
  The durability continues on the outside with tapered housings and extended cones to smooth the airflow and dramatically improve efficiency.
  The bottom slopes out toward exterior drain holes to keep the building/ farm drier.


Suitable for using in hard conditions.
  Reliability and highly effective.
  Application worldwide.

Composite Ventilation System Sizes

Composite ventilation system is applied in Industry and Agriculture.



> Greenhouse

> Chicken Farm

> Pig Farm

> Diary Farm
  • Help control air temperature. When air moves in a greenhouse, the temperature is adjusted. Ventilation System will work to remove hot air, ex-air from the greenhouse, oxygen-rich natural air from the environment will flow through the cooling system.
  • When through this cooling system, the air is reduced to 5-9 degrees Celsius. It helps to balance moisture and create a fresh space for the greenhouse. This method of ventilation system is used in most models of HuynhThao Fans’ greenhouses with the appropriate height of the greenhouse, with the appropriate ratio between the roofing and ventilation parts, and an outlet system to accommodate the well suited.
  • HuynhThao composite fans takes advantages for factories, farms, for the first time to use, providing an unexpected effect, cool breezes, not only protecting the health of workers but also makes pets grow fast, increase economic efficiency in livestock and poultry farms.
  • In addition, it is possible to cool by installing automatic cooling mist spraying system both on the roof of the house and directly in the cage to ensure that the space in the cage is always balanced in terms of heat for pets.


> Factory Cooling system

> Factory Exhaust Fan

The industrial ventilation system installed outside the factory helps to reduce the temperature, eliminate the bad and polluted air forms, and improve the working environment of workers. Combining the cooling pad cooling pad plate, the factory environment will have an ideal working atmosphere.


All products of Huynh Thao Fans ventilated cooling fans are warranted for up to 12 months.

  • In addition, we also provide customers with 2 times of maintenance, cleaning, and periodical inspection free of charge.
  • Warranty time, help fans operate stably, increase durability for products, help customers feel secure and confident when using Thuan Tien products and services.
  • When there is a problem, we will present it to you at the earliest within 24 hours, to check and repair it in the shortest time so as not to disrupt the production process of the factory.
  • With the above warranty and after sales incentives, we hope to bring the best products and services to customers, helping customers to choose a reputable construction contractor for your factory.
Industrial Ventilation System brings a healthy environment for your worker | Huynhthao fans
Industrial Ventilation System brings a healthy environment for your worker

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