Green-House Applications

The greenhouse is a great human invention that can withstand extreme weather conditions or create an artificial environment suitable for the plants that we need to care, help farmers proactive at their work.

Greenhouse fans or membrane fans, otherwise known as greenhouse ventilators, are a familiar product and have a great role to play in the greenhouse production system. Convection greenhouse fans have many different functions, which are very useful for plants. The main goal of greenhouse ventilation is to create a stream of air movement in a greenhouse, but there are many other benefits in using greenhouse ventilation.

Cooled air passes through the inner area, reducing heat and creating the temperature and humidity needed for plants, pets or workers.

Help control air temperature. When air moves in a greenhouse, the temperature is adjusted. The ambient temperature of the air and throughout the membrane house will soon be equal, creating a healthy development environment. Currently, people often apply cooling systems including industrial fans and cooling panels. Ventilators will work to remove hot air, ex-air from the greenhouse, oxygen-rich natural air from the environment will flow through the cooling system. When through this cooling system, the air is reduced to 5-9 degrees Celsius. It helps to balance moisture and create a fresh space for the greenhouse.

This method of ventilation is used in most models of HuynhThao Fans’ greenhouses with the appropriate height of the greenhouse, with the appropriate ratio between the roofing and ventilation parts, and an outlet system to accommodate the well suited.


Composite Fan Application

  1. GreenHouse
  2. Chicken Farm
  3. Pig Farm
  4. Factories