Anti-corrosion composite exhaust fan

Composite tube fans used in factory cooling ventilation systems are often produced by contractors in Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern provinces made of composite plastic materials, with non-chemical properties. corrosion, will be an ideal choice for factories or factories with chemicals in the work environment, an advantage that fans with zinc-coated or even stainless steel fans are limited by this.

Include fan casing, rain cover, fan blades made of composite material, minimizing corrosion in all environments, fan casing is designed flared, helps fans to operate smoothly, increase working capacity Cool reduces fan noise, reduces vibration, increases fan working life.

Motor is designed with 100% copper core, which helps the engine operate stably, reduce power consumption, save operating costs, motor casing is made of aluminum, limiting corrosion, increasing durability for motor, helps fans operate efficiently.

Feature: Smoking hot air, seeping inside and out and bringing natural air into the workshop, cooling creates ventilation, improves the working environment better. Large wind flow, low noise. Widely used for factories, warehouses, breeding facilities …

Warranty: All products of Huynh Thao Fans ventilated cooling fans are warranted for up to 12 months. In addition, we also provide customers with 2 times of maintenance, cleaning, and periodical inspection free of charge. Warranty time, help fans operate stably, increase durability for products, help customers feel secure and confident when using Thuan Tien products and services. When there is a problem, we will present it to you at the earliest within 24 hours, to check and repair it in the shortest time so as not to disrupt the production process of the factory. With the above warranty and after sales incentives, we hope to bring the best products and services to customers, helping customers to choose a reputable construction contractor for your factory.