The value of air ventilation systems for agriculture

The agricultural sector plays an important role in developing Vietnam’s market. You can see that with the atmosphere being polluted, the agricultural sector is being seriously affected.

  1. Overview of the air ventilation system
  2. What is the value of the air ventilation system for agriculture?

You are concerned about the situation that crops are heavily affected by the unpurified air and lead to severely affected harvesting. So what do you need to do to improve the agricultural air condition? Currently, there is an air ventilation system Malaysia on the market that helps to improve the agricultural air condition. Please read the following article to know more about the specific features of air ventilation system from Malaysia and what benefits this system will bring to agriculture.

1. Overview of the air ventilation system

The air ventilation system is one of the systems that helps the air circulate in a certain space and helps eliminate air pollutants. Air ventilation systems are used in many different environments from workplace, factory to home use.

This ventilation fan system helps maintain humidity and regulate temperature. More specifically, it will help eliminate polluted air and keep clean air for the environment.

The air ventilation system is divided according to the wind direction:

  • Blowing air ventilation system: The air will be blown into the necessary space and push unhygienic waste outside through the gaps of space thanks to the difference in column pressures. The method of this ventilation type has the advantage of blowing wind to the necessary locations, where needs a lot of air, the wind direction is always alternately changed. But this method has the disadvantage of not being able to adjust the direction of the wind as needed, so the wind blows in all directions and the wind will be carried to unwanted areas.
  • Exhaust air ventilation system: This method exhausts the polluted air out of the common space and the outside air flows in, which helps to receive fresh air from outside due to the difference in column pressures. Exhaust air ventilation system has the advantage of exhausts of polluted air directly from the generated space and not dispersing into the around spaces, but the effect is not significant.
  • Combined air ventilation system: This is an air ventilation system that combines exhaust and blowing into space, this is one of the effective methods. The ventilation system combines exhaust and blowing ventilation, including blowing systems and exhaust fans. Therefore, this method can actively suck polluted air at polluting points in the space and provide fresh air to the locations where clean air is needed. The method of using the combined air ventilation system brings advantages of the two types of air supply systems above and eliminates the disadvantages. Besides this method has a disadvantage is that the cost of investing in this type is quite expensive.

2. What is the value of air ventilation system for agriculture?

Air ventilation system Malaysia helps reduce the air pollution of upland fields as well as helps to balance the humidity of the air. Series of specialized ventilation products for agricultural production will help regulate clean air throughout the agricultural areas and eliminate polluted air for a green and clean agriculture.

Air ventilation system Malaysia also helps you to save energy in the most optimal way

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