Factory Applications

Composite Fan Features

  • Industrial fan made with composite fiberglass material is a high-end segmented product, light weight composite material, compressible, chemical resistant, sleek industrial fan with composite design , demonstrating factory level.
  • The cone design extends reasonably to allow the air flow to escape quickly, significantly reducing noise levels.
  • Shutter is made of high content, anti-oxidant, lightweight plastic.
  • A powerful and energy-efficient self-contained electric motor with a multi-month warranty. Customers can choose to integrate famous motor types such as Siemens


  • The industrial composite suction fan installed outside the factory helps to reduce the temperature, eliminate the bad and polluted air forms, and improve the working environment of workers.
  • Combining the cooling pad cooling pad plate, the factory environment will have an ideal working atmosphere.


Composite Fan Application

  1. GreenHouse
  2. Chicken Farm
  3. Pig Farm
  4. Factories