Composite fan size: 1380*1380*400 mm (48″)

1380*1380*400mm (48″)
Blade Capacity DB Current Motor Net weight
1270 mm 37.500 m3/h 65 380/220 V 0.75 KW 70 Kg


Composite Ventilation Fan is established for high performance and reliability. This is a type of fan for industrial factories and poultry farms that meets the best value.

Product Information

The cast aluminum 3-blade airfoil-design propeller moves more air per Watt than stamped steel blades.
  The high airflow performance (CFM) reduces the total fan requirements and have certified CFM / Watt air performance ratings by Bess Lab (USA).
  The high efficiency inside the fan with capacitor-start / capacitor-run motors totally enclosed for protection from the environment.
  Exclusive motor / bearing supports are streamlined for minimal air resistance while providing solid 4-way support.
  The durability continues on the outside with tapered housings and extended cones to smooth the airflow and dramatically improve efficiency.
  The bottom slopes out toward exterior drain holes to keep the building/ farm drier.



> Greenhouse

> Chicken Farm

> Pig Farm

> Diary Farm


> Factory Cooling system

> Factory Exhaust Fan