Chicken Farm Applications

HuynhThao composite fans takes advantages for factories, farms, for the first time to use, providing an unexpected effect, cool breezes, not only protecting the health of workers but also makes pets grow fast, increase economic efficiency in livestock and poultry farms.

Benefits of using Composite Ventilation Fan on Chicken Farm:

  • Provide stable and pleasant air conditions, make pets feel comfortable, avoid stress.
  • Provide enough oxygen for animals.
  • Distribute air evenly in the camp.
  • Control the temperature as you like

In order to promote the high level of this cooling system, it is necessary to design and install horizontal ventilation fan, wind direction, make sure that the average height is suitable to receive the best wind and cooling.

With this system, airtight cages are also recommended to regularly check the electricity daily to avoid power outages or technical problems in each area in the barn.

In addition, it is possible to cool by installing automatic cooling mist spraying system both on the roof of the house and directly in the cage to ensure that the space in the cage is always balanced in terms of heat for pets.


Composite Fan Application

  1. GreenHouse
  2. Chicken Farm
  3. Pig Farm
  4. Factories